Mademoiselle Fontaine

Mademoiselle Fontaine

Hair : Lyta by[KoKoLoReS] in @Hairology

Makeup eyes and mouthKameko Eyeshadow and Dwyn Lipstick by Zibska in @Project Limited

Cape: Stardust Shurg [GroupGif] by Zibska


Big Girls Don’t Cry

Big Girls Don't Cry

Necklace by Minimal for @TMD

Fur by F.A.T for @TMD

and my friend the dog by SAU MOTORCYCLES for @TMD

You are mine

You are mine!

[Kunst] Palette arts & clock Exclusive @ The Liaison Collaborative

Pose XXY : Comig soon Event.


Don’t hurt your brain

Don't hurt your brain

 Necklace Svana by Zibska in @On9

Hair Stella by Mina in @Tres Chic